Paul De Grande is one of the major dealer of antique furniture, haute epoque, bronze & decorative objects in Belgium.

For already more than 40 years he has been trading succesfully with many antique dealers, decorators, interior designers and collectors Worldwide.

Paul De Grande travels weekly all over Europe searching for Antique. The result is a very wide ranging Antique Shop & Collection of furniture (antique table, chairs, cupboards & armoires ), Haute epoque sculpture, Bronze Sculpture, Antique Clocks & Decorative objects. 10000+ items dating from the 15th Century, 16th Century, 17th Century, 18th Century to the 19th Century period. Renaissance furniture. French antique furniture. Flemish antique furniture. Dutch Antique Furniture. Neoclassicism furniture (Georgian, Louis XVI style, Empire, Regency) and much more…

Auction Collectie Paul De Grande

22-26 juni 2022
More than 25 years after the iconic Christie’s auction of the collection and stock of antiquarian Paul De Grande, the Ghent auction house Coronari Auctions and the Bruges auction house Rob Michiels Auctions have joined forces to organize another large castle sale with the collection of Paul De Grande. This five-day auction with over 2000 lots, drawn from seven centuries of European art history, beautifully showcases the owner’s eclectic taste and offers something for everyone. The viewing days (16-20 June) and the auction (22-26 June) will take place in the 19th-century castle in Snellegem, located in Jabbeke. To be continued!
Viewing 16-20juni 2022
Kasteel van Snellegem
Kasteeldreef 5
8490 Snellegem
Belgium #artmagazinecollect

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If you are planning a buying trip to Belgium, we would be delighted to welcome you to our premises in Snellegem. Jabbeke is only 8 km outside the medieval city of Bruges, one hour from Brussels, Antwerp and Lille (France) and can easily be reached by car or train (Eurostar or TGV).

Do not hesitate to contact us for further details on the Antique Shop or hotel booking in the area.

Paul De Grande Antique Furniture, Haute époque, Sculptures and Decorative objects

Kasteel Van Snelleghem Kasteeldreef 5, 8490 Snellegem, BELGIUM
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